Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does World United supply?

World United is an end-to-end solution for the testing needs of communities, businesses, or schools. Because all entities are unique and require different testing,  we offer multiple testing options and contract with numerous manufacturers, allowing you to choose various options and create a tailored testing approach to accommodate your needs. 

What does World United cost per test?

The amount we charge depends on various factors, including testing type and the number of tests. However, we formed our company to supply testing to schools and communities that needed it the most, and therefore, you will find our pricing fair and affordable. Additionally,  all of our testing services come with FREE Online software that includes results, analytics, a public dashboard, and reporting with timely updates to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations and mandates.

What types of tests does World United offer?

We are pleased to provide: 

  • Individual RT-LAMP (PCR) Nasal
  • Individual RT-LAMP (PCR) Saliva
  • Pool RT-LAMP (PCR) Nasal
  • Pool RT-LAMP (PCR) Saliva
  • Rapid Antigen Test
Does World United offer remote testing?

Yes, we can send test kits to your location or individuals’ homes. As soon as the recipients have their kits, they can easily register their kit on our platform and self-test in minutes, all while you can observe and read results in real-time. 

Does World United offer onsite testing?

Yes, our Medical Professionals can come to your location, set up a safe testing station and procedures, and administer the tests, either one-time or ongoing. Our staff is available seven days a week and offers flexible scheduling to accommodate an expansive range of needs.

How do I receive my testing results?

Results will be available to administrators on their dashboard at a unique URL dedicated to your account, activated within 24 hours of contract. Tested individuals receive a notification, both positive and negative, of their results via email and/or text message when the test results are ready. Additionally, select administrators will have access to employee results as soon as results are ready.

How quickly can I receive my testing results?

Results are typically available within 12 hours or by 6 AM the next day, if tested late the evening prior.