Our Mission

Founded with the goal of helping the world reunite and reopen safer. Over the past 2 years, World United has established itself as a primary provider of healthcare services, testing, and pandemic response for both public and private entities.

Our Partnerships

Public Agencies

Testing Methods

We offer multiple testing options as everyone's needs are unique. We contract with numerous manufacturers, allowing you many different options.

Onsite Testing

Our Medical Professionals come to your location, set up a safe testing station and procedures, and administer the tests, either one-time or ongoing. Our staff is available seven days a week and offers flexible scheduling to accommodate an expansive range of needs.

Remote Testing

We will send test kits to your location or individuals' homes. As soon as the recipients have their kits, they can easily register their kit on our platform and self-test in minutes, all while you can observe and read results in real-time.