Providing modern healthcare solutions to over 300 communities

Founded with the goal of helping the world reopen and reunite safer, World United has established itself as a quality provider of healthcare services, testing solutions, and covid response.

Our Mission

World United aims to make it simpler for public and private entities to tackle health and safety issues. 

Through providing organization-wide testing, developing pandemic response plans, and utilizing our healthcare network, World United ensures all our clients are prepared. 

With World United, we can provide modern healthcare solutions to every community.

  • Laboratory Testing
  • COVID-19 Response Plans
  • Public Health Services

Manage Public Health Issues With Ease

World United provides quality public health management for all our clients, including school districts, small businesses, corporate partners, government departments, and many more. 

Who We Serve

Schools & Districts Testing

Since the company was founded, World United has put a priority on providing pandemic resources for schools.

From K-12 to Universities, we spend the majority of our time developing better processes, procedures, products, and solutions that help students and educators focus on education while we deal with public health. 

Through insurance, government grants, and free software, we are able to provide educational institutions with Zero Cost Testing Programs.

Public Testing

World United provides the general public with the following services:

Travel Covid Testing (Rapid Antigen & PCR)

General Covid Testing ( Rapid Antigen & PCR)

General Health Clinics

Most diagnostic laboratory services (including but not limited to STD Testing, UTI Testing, Blood Works, TB Testing, etc.)

Government Testing

As a federal, state, and local contractor, World United has extensive experience in dealing with government requirements for healthcare and testing needs.

All government agencies/entities qualify for our Zero Cost healthcare programs. 

World United also has experience in dealing with grants and is able to utilize them in most healthcare/testing situations. 

Business and Corporate Testing 

World United services many small businesses, franchise operations, S&P 500 clients and many more. 

Most businesses are eligible for Zero Cost or Low Cost Health programs for employees and clients. 


Be Prepared for
the Next Wave of Covid

Registration processing can take up to 3 weeks. Pre-registration will allow our team to process your information ahead of time and ensure that your information is ready whenever you want to start. 

Corporate Partners & Clients