Providing modern healthcare solutions to over 300 communities

Founded with the goal of helping the world reopen and reunite safer, World United has established itself as a quality provider of healthcare services, testing solutions, and covid response.

Our Mission

World United strives to make it simpler for public and private entities to tackle health and safety issues. 

By providing better access and more resources, World United helps modernize the approach to handling healthcare solutions for our clients and their constituents. 

Our goal is to have our work contribute to improving public health and simplifying a complex healthcare system.

  • Public Health Consulting
  • Healthcare Services
  • Laboratory Testing

Manage Public Health Issues With Ease

World United provides quality public health management for all our clients, including school districts, small businesses, corporate partners, government departments, and many more. 

Who We Serve

Educational Health Services

World United was initially founded to help provide public school districts with access to testing services during the pandemic.

We are proud to have expanded our ability to serve those in the education sector via primary healthcare services, immunization clinics, diagnostic testing services, and others needed.

From K-12 to universities and everything in between, we spend our time developing our procedures and solutions so that students and teachers can focus on education while we handle school health.

Inquire about our Zero Cost Program available to most public and private educational institutions.

Public Health

World United provides the general public with better access to healthcare services including:

Laboratory Testing (General Diagnostics, Blood Works, etc.) (Clinical Disease Testing) (Drug & Alcohol Testing)

Primary Healthcare Services (Annual & Sports Physicals) (Immunization Clinics) (Community Family Medicine Clinics) (Community Specialty Services)

Public Health Procedures

Mental Health Services

Government Agency Services

As a federal, state, and local contractor, World United has experience in dealing with stringent compliance and requirements for healthcare and laboratory testing needs.

World United has experience in dealing with grant applications and can help provide some services at Zero Cost for government entities.

Public Health, Primary Healthcare, Vision, Dental, Hearing, and Mental Health Services are included in our holistic approach to helping agencies provide public sector employees with better healthcare.

Corporate and Small Business Health

World United provides services to Private Healthcare Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Corporate Clients, and Small Businesses.

Our work helps keep businesses running by keeping employees and customers healthy and businesses stay in compliance.

We also provide drug and alcohol compliance testing for businesses that require stringent testing services.


Prepare For Modern Public Health

Learn more about the software we deploy to help make addressing public health issues easier. Simplified patient portals, automated reporting, and built-in communication tools allow greater control of your healthcare needs.

Corporate Partners & Clients